Change can be good & bad

Fifth grade is when things kind of began to get a little crazy. My dad worked in all the southeast states traveling for work at that time and was traveling quite a bit, when one day my parents decided it would be a good idea to move to Texas. I’m sure it wasn’t an over night decision, but to me it sure felt like it. I was finally getting comfortable in my school, with my friends, the whole nine.

My dad built us a house in Dallas,Texas & before I began my 5th grade year we were living in Texas. YES, that quick. They thought it would be better for my dads business & other reasons I’m sure.. So I started a new school for my 5th grade year in Texas & I made a few friends in my neighborhood who I went to school with, so that was nice. But, we only lived in Texas for 6 months. Yes, 6 months. Maybe 7, give or take.

When we moved to Texas, we put our home in Louisiana for sale but it never sold so we just moved right back into the same home we moved out of before. Which was extremely nice, same neighbors, back to the same school I went to before we moved to Texas.. Familiarity.I was beyond happy.

From 5th grade- 6th grade I went to the same school until I had to move to Junior High. My 7th grade year was fine, pretty much the same people I went to middle school with went to the same junior high with me so I knew mainly everyone.

My 8/9 grade years I would say was my “experimenting” years. I drank, a lot. I began smoking cigarettes, I smoked weed, I took pills ( not nearly as much as I drank or smoked.) drinking was my escape. I smoked a pack a day by 9th grade & could drink a fifth of liquor on my own. Sneaking out, sneaking people in. My parents found out I smoked cigarettes & drank, I’d get grounded you know the drill.

I was about 12-15when I went through my ‘bad’ experimenting stage. I put bad in quotes because mine wasn’t that bad, compared to other kids I knew and such. During this time I was super, super thin. I’m not sure why, but you can tell looking back I was not living a healthy lifestyle. At all. I was in a double zero, you could almost see through me. I’ll link some photos down below that aren’t my best, but it’s with the memory & you’ll get the point.

Let me mention now that I met my best friends, sorry I meant sisters. One in third grade ( Virginia) & one in 8th grade (Meredith.) I say this now because they will play a major part in my story.

I was in 9th grade when my parents decided to build a new house AGAIN,  which meant a new school. I was livid. I was finally comfortable with where we were, I had a “home” I just started a high school, why move me now? Let me tell you now, they moved me! Lol

My dad once again built us a house, before I was in 10th grade we were moved in & I began 10th grade at a new high school. The only thing good about this school was that my best friend I had know for 8 years went to this school (Virginia.) I remember eating my lunch in the bathroom stalls for the first week, Virginia and I didn’t have the same lunch schedule!

Little did I know this year would change my life forever.

Until next time

Still I Rise,

Kirsten Fouquet





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