Childhood background

Okay so now that we’ve cleared a few things up, I think it will make more sense if I gave you a little back story. I’m talking way back, when there weren’t iPhones & DVDs. (I sound so old when I put it that way.) Back before high school, when I had ‘no worries.’

I was born in Covington, Louisiana but shortly after moved to New Orleans with my family. My family is from Algiers, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for us to move there. When I was 5 my parents divorced & I saw the whole argument go down right in front of my face, my parents asked me who I wanted to live with. Of course being that young I said my mom. I remember the whole thing like it was yesterday, my aunt and uncle were there as well.

So a few months go by & my dad gets a girlfriend, Lisa. He brought me to meet her at her house & I was so excited because she had a little girl my age and a boy a few years older than me. Before then I had always been an only child so I was looking forward to having people to play with! We played along good together & actually got into some trouble too. We painted the neighbors house with paint & decorated it with feathers & all sorts of things. ( thank gosh they didn’t press charges!)

Eventually they got married and had a baby girl Shelby. They were married for a long year and a half and they divorced, I saw that break up fight as well. Tables flipped over, clothes being thrown everywhere the whole nine yards.

While my dad was married to Lisa, my mom had her own relationship with a man named Thomas. Thomas was just a piece of shit. He hit my mom, threw things at her, degraded her, you name it. I remember hearing him beat my mom from in the living room, hearing her scream, it still haunts me till this day.

So, my mom left Thomas thank the good lord above and my dad got a divorce.. My parents ended up getting back together, we moved back to the north shore from New Orleans in 2000. I was 11 years old, my dad built us a house & that was probably the only house I have ever lived in for longer than 3 years. We moved a lot when I was a child. My dad bought and renovated homes and sold them and all types of things, so I think that’s why we moved so much.

To clear this up, yes my parents divorced & remarried each other twice, you read that correct. 

By the time we moved to the north shore I was in 4th grade & Everything was calm for about a year… Until 5th grade.
I’m going to break these “background” stories in pieces because some are longer than others and include more information & ain’t nobody got time to sit and read my life story in one sitting! Till tomorrow,

Still I Rise,




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