17 & pregnant

Probably within a month of me being homeschooled, my mom told me my parents were separating. AGAIN. My world literally felt like it came crashing down. I think it felt this way because growing up I never had that constant home, so my “constant” home was my parents. That was my solid ground. And with full blown anxiety and agoraphobia, you need solid ground..

I never saw my parents get into one argument for this divorce, not once. I didn’t see it coming at all, hit me like a brick wall. I was 16 at the time my parents actually separated, with my agoraphobia in full gear. I moved out the day after I turned 17 years old.. Through my agoraphobia I moved in with my friend Stacey. But, when I moved in with her, I didn’t leave her house either. I still had agoraphobia. I just couldn’t deal with my parents being divorced. It was my way of getting away from it all. I thought that would take my pain away I guess. Needless to say, I moved back in with my dad. ( that’s who I chose to live with when my parents got divorced.)

During this time I moved back in with my dad, my older cousin Jay moved in with us (21-22 at the time.) My dad was single. Jay would have people over, my dad would drink. It was weird.  For me anyways. It just wasn’t what I was used too. So finally It was Father’s Day weekend and my dad went to Las Vegas with a few of his friends. One of those nights Jay and I decided to throw a little get together.
My dad called my aunt just to swing by to “check on us.” That ended badly & quickly.

My agoraphobia took a backseat & Will and I started dating again right after all of that happened in June, & a few months later, On an early November day was the day I found out that I was 17 & pregnant.. 

Side note: the guy on the photo I added to this blog is Jay. Not Will ☺️ but I was 17 & pregnant in all of these photos.

Still I Rise,




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