The calm before the storm

I failed to mention in my previous blogs that I miscarried about a week before Christmas in 2010. So, Christmas rolls around and I remember still bleeding a little, on and off at that time and just not feeling well. Still feeling weak, just not in the mood, as you can imagine. But we went to family Christmas’ anyways. It’s important to note that Will never spoke of our miscarriage after it happened. I think that was his way of coping, just acting like it never happened. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong. The ONLY time he said anything about it was at his families Christmas that year, his family had known about our loss by now and his grandmother said something To him and gave him for a hug & Will said “I have an angel watching over me now.” Touching. I cried. That meant a lot coming from him, he wasn’t the sensitive type.
Anyways, after we lost the baby things were hard, but things were ‘normal’ to everyone else. Almost like I had never been pregnant to begin with. This is when I learned that life does not stop for you, or anyone. Time doesn’t and will never stand still no matter how hard you cry out for it to. Will and I were doing okay, he was dealing with our loss okay.. as far as I knew. To my knowledge anyways. I talked to his mom often about it, I talked to his sister. We were close. I loved, & will always love his family forever. It’s one of those things, where you’ve been through so much with people that there’s an unbreakable bond there. His mom was there when I wasn’t close to my own mom. His sister and I became good friends, and they both have the biggest hearts in this world.

Christmas went by super quick that year and just when I thought I had a grip on life and I was dealing with my loss the unimaginable happened. & this is when it all changed, and I mean everything..
Still I Rise,



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