God works in mysterious ways

After Christmas comes New Years, obviously. (I know, you’re thinking duh Kirsten.) I can remember a lot of things but what we did for that New Years I could not tell you. Will may have went out and did something, but I’m almost positive I didn’t do anything. I didn’t feel up to it, I didn’t feel like doing much of anything around that time. I did originally move in with Will because I got pregnant, but after we lost the baby I still stayed living there. January passes. February 1-4 I went to spend sometime at my moms house & visit her.. my best friend Virginia came over, we made a girls weekend out of it! We dyed hair, did nails, went shopping, you know that type of thing. I spent 3 nights at my moms. I typically would only spend one or two nights but this time since Virginia was there I stayed an extra night. There was nothing wrong in my relationship, that’s not why I went to my moms.. please keep this in mind. Nothing more than me going to visit. 

I went back to Wills house around 4pm on February 4th. My mom dropped me off, at this time I didn’t have a car. From the moment I got to Wills, he began making accusations and saying I wasn’t where I said I was. Telling me I was with guys and it was all a lie, when he saw my mom drop me off. The accusations came from out of nowhere. We argued, like normal couples do. But this specific argument was different. This argument wasn’t ending. It was 6pm by now. He told me to pack my shit and get out. I began folding my clothes in two piles next to his door way.. crying, but doing what he told me to do. I mean If someone asks you to leave, you can’t argue that you won’t leave.. I was shocked that he was taking the argument this far to begin with because to me I knew I was telling the truth, but he would not believe me. He got so pissed that I was folding my clothes (doing what he told me to do) he kicked them over and took my ring, yes he had given me a promise ring and threw it across his living room. I started looking for the ring, crying, It was just a mess. 

I guess it was around 6:30-7 pm when His parents come out and told us they were going to get Chinese food and his mom asked me if I wanted to go. At first I remember telling her yeah Because I was just so done arguing with him, but he walked behind me and said “what are you scared of me or something Kirsten” sarcastically. And I said “no?” And I just ended up not going out to eat with them. God is so amazing and works in the most mysterious ways, let me just say that. At the time, in that moment none of us were prepared for what was going to happen on this night. But gods plan for Will, for me to stay home, for gods courage to live and come out through me this night. It was all him. & to him I Give all the Glory. 

Still I Rise,



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