Toxic relationship 

Most people who are addicts or are dating an addict probably have a toxic relationship with them, a toxic relationship is basically a relationship that has negative patterns or cycles that involve control, jealousy, selfishness, manipulation, etc. between two people trying to have a relationship. Some common characteristics of a toxic relationship are: Your partner … Continue reading Toxic relationship 



While Will was in he hospital Wills mom and I had to clean his room.. during this time the room looked like a tornado went through it. We looked for signs that he was planning something like this, or anything of that sort. We found a sign I guess. We found and I say this … Continue reading DXM/mojo

Suicide pt. 2

911 arrived within a matter of 5 minutes, if that. His parents arrived right after them. I remember guiding them to where he was. The EMT's ran to him. They cut his clothes off of him, Gave him 4 adrenaline shots, I remember trying not to go over by him. Terrified, just heart shattered. I … Continue reading Suicide pt. 2


When I nudged his arm. I noticed. I realized why it was dead silent. He wasn't ignoring me. He was hanging right before my eyes. The person I loved and was in a relationship with, my world was right there in front of me, lifeless. I looked down at his feet to see if he … Continue reading Suicide